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Issue #342: supporter edition

Hi reader,

I woke up on Monday having a strong urge to see the sea. I re-arranged my working days and, as my wife had the car, decided to walk to the beach. According to Google Maps, I'd just have time to fit in walking three hours there and three hours back. You can read more about my thoughts on putting one foot in front of another in Only thoughts conceived while walking have any value.

Below you can find everything I wrote this week for Thought Shrapnel. I really appreciate your support remember that you get access to these articles a week earlier than they've available to everyone else, and you can comment on them too!

This week's articles

Friday fathomings

Things I enjoyed reading this week.

Indexed: Do the work that works for you

There’s no viagra for enlightenment

This quotation from the enigmatic Russell Brand seemed appropriate for the subject of today's article: the impact of so-called 'deepfakes' on everything from porn to politics.

Wretched is a mind anxious about the future

So said one of my favourite non-fiction authors, the 16th century proto-blogger Michel de Montaigne. There's plenty of writing about how we need to be really worried because of the drift towards a future of surveillance states. It's easy to become blasé about that, but to some extent humans are already living in them.

Cresswell, Northumberland

Only thoughts conceived while walking have any value

Philosopher and intrepid walker Friedrich Nietzsche is well known for today's quotation-as-title. Fellow philosopher Immanuel Kant was a keen walker, too, along with Henry David Thoreau. There's just something about big walks and big thoughts.

What is no good for the hive is no good for the bee

So said Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius. In this article, I want to apply that to our use of technology as well as the stories we tell one another about that technology use.

Until next week,
PS Read what I've been up to this week in Weeknote 23/2019
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