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Issue #340


There goes the end of half-term. I only worked three days this week, but it felt like a lot more. I think that's for several reason: the rest of my family have been on holiday, two of those days began at 7am so I could work with Australian colleagues, and my diet hasn't been so great recently. It all has an effect.

I'm going to do some more thinking about something I wrote elsewhere on Thursday night. In some private correspondence by email after publishing that post, I think there's something in connecting decision-making with storytelling — and even with my previous work on ambiguity.

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WhatsApp and security

Friday fumblings

These were the things I came across this week that made me smile: Why Do You Grab Your Bag When Running Off a Burning Plane? (The New York Times) — it turns out that it's less of a decision, more of an impulse.If a house was designed by machine, how would it look? (BBC Business) — lighter, more efficient buildings.Playdate …


One can see only what one has already seen

We need to wake up before it's too late.

Austin Kleon's son's artwork
Dilbert on deep work

Everyone hustles his life along, and is troubled by a longing for the future and weariness of the present

The fact we find it difficult to do deep work isn't just personal, it's structural.

Good things need practice that is the trouble with being lazy

Idleness always produces fickle changes of mind

We need to be a bit more organised and structured about idletime and procrastinate productively.

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PS Read what I've been up to this week in Weeknote 22/2019
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