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Issue #337: supporter edition

Hi reader,

I hope you're well. I'm getting into the swing of Thought Shrapnel Daily, now, and enjoying the discipline of getting out something each weekday. As a valued supporter, please do let me know if you experience any issues in terms of access!

This week's articles

Educational institutions are at a crossroads of relevance

By aping the power dynamics of the corporate workplace, education is failing learners.

Remote work is a different beast

It's not just 'working from home'. Remote work is qualitatively different.

Cutting the Gordian knot of 'screen time'

Where should parents turn for advice around digital devices?

Things that people think are wrong (but aren't)

A collection of things that go against established wisdom.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

The 'how' of work is just as important as the 'what'.

Thanks to those who filled in the annual survey. Some of the things that made me smile when I asked about people's favourite thing about Thought Shrapnel were:

your unapologetic and reasoned opinion and clear deconstruction of the world of education and tech.

You do the hard work of researching, reading, evaluating, collating and recommending stuff I find interesting, insightful and useful!

I get good direction from some of Thought Shrapnel's pieces...I actually think about them and apply them to my life.

In terms of what people want to see less of, there wasn't anything that came through too clearly ("nothing irks me") although some people said they'd like to hear less about "digital badges" and "children's media consumption". So, I'll keep on keeping on with that in mind...

Until next time,
PS I've just finished reading The Swerve: how the world became modern by Stephen Greenblatt which, for an historian and philosopher like me was hugely enjoyable. Recommended!
Dr. Doug Belshaw is an Open Educational Thinkerer, currently working with Moodle and We Are Open Co-op to improve our world.

You can connect with Doug by replying to this email, or via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Mastodon (here's a guide to getting started with latter!)
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