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This is supposed to go out on the last Sunday of the month which was technically last week, so my apologies. The bonus is that you get more links in a month where I've been very busy doing non-work-related things.

It's been great to see more people joining (or re-joining) the Fediverse using services such as Mastodon this last week. My timeline has been busy! You can follow me here. If you're on the fence, you might want to read this, this, and this which are also linked to below!

Since I last sent out a newsletter I've walked Hadrian's Wall in 72 hours and been on holiday to Croatia (where we experienced an earthquake and an extreme football derby between Hadjuk Split and Dinamo Zagreb). You can read more about that in my weeknotes :)

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💥 Best of Thought Shrapnel

Of the 22 posts I published in March 2022 on Thought Shrapnel, these were my three favourites.

The Climate Game

The Financial Times has a free-to-play game where the aim is to try and keep global warming to only 1.5°C by the year 2100. There are different things to choose from and decisions to make.

I only managed to keep it to 1.88°C and still had to make some pretty drastic decisions. We’re utterly screwed. We need to act on the climate crisis, but also start adapting too.

(also worth looking at the article on how they made this)
See if you can save the planet from the worst effects of climate change
Source: The Climate Game — Can you reach net zero? | Financial Times

Using DICE instead of RA(S)CI

I like what the RACI responsibility assignment matrix tries to do in clarifying roles and responsibilities. In practice, I tend to favour RASCI which adds a ‘support’ role.

But I also agree with this article by Clay Parker Jones which suggests an alternative.

RACI is vague, hard to use, and reinforces the “what the hell is happening here” status quo. DICE is specific, easy to use, and shines a bright light on dysfunction.
Source: Use DICE instead of RACI |
Codex_Manesse_Heinrich_VI._28HRR29 (1)

Literally shitposting

I saw this mentioned in passing and thought it was unusual enough to share here. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere…
In July 1184 Henry VI, King of Germany (later Holy Roman Emperor), held court at a Hoftag in Erfurt. On the morning of 26 July, the combined weight of the assembled nobles caused the wooden second story floor of the assembly building to collapse and most of them fell through into the latrine cesspit below the ground floor, where about 60 of them drowned in liquid excrement. This event is called Erfurter Latrinensturz (lit. ’Erfurt latrine fall’) in several German sources.
Source: Erfurt latrine disaster | Wikipedia

✍️ The rest of Thought Shrapnel

There are other nuggets, but it's up to you to find them! Here's the other 19 posts I published:

📅 Weeknotes

  • Weeknote 16/2022 — "I’m composing this in the car as Hannah drives us all back home from Edinburgh airport. It feels like I’ve been driving for a significant chunk of the week in Croatia, and on the other side of the road. Note to self: never buy a Suzuki Vitara."
  • Weeknote 15/2022 — "Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! This has been the second of my three weeks off work this April. I’m also planning to take three weeks in August, as well as all of December off."
  • Weeknote 14/2022 — "I’ve done basically nothing this week other than walk Hadrian’s Wall path in 72 hours, recover from it, take my kids to their sporting engagements, and start reading a book recommended by Warren Ellis. I’m towards the end of my first week (of three) off work."
  • Weeknote 13/2022 — "This week has largely been preparation for the next three, in which I will walk Hadrian’s Wall with Aaron, recover while doing some DIY and looking after the kids, and then travel with Team Belshaw on holiday to Croatia. Work-wise, I have endeavoured not to start anything new this week."

Until next month!

Doug Belshaw
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