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👋🏼 Hello!

It's been almost seven weeks since you've heard fro me, and I confess to not really know what to do with Thought Shrapnel. You'd think, given its name, I would treat it a bit like Aaron Davis' Read Write Collect. But instead it's this weird hybrid beast that seems sometimes to have a life of its own (and which I can't tame).

This month, I experimented with returning to microcasts: short, sub-10 minute podcasts about three links that I've recently bookmarked. That was fun for a while, but then I got out of the routine. Do you like them? Shall I do some more? What would YOU like to see here? Hit reply and let me know if you've got compliments, comments, concerns, or complaints!
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📅 Weeknotes

  • Weeknote 38/2021 — "I’m publishing this week’s update earlier than usual so that I can reference it in the (overdue) issue #425 of my Thought Shrapnel newsletter..."
  • Weeknote 37/2021 — "This was a shorter working week, as my wife and I went away (a week late) to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. We stayed, and were..."
  • Weeknote 36/2021 — "It’s been back-to-school week in the Belshaw household, meaning a change in routines. In parallel, the weather’s started changing; it’s not cold, but..."
  • Weeknote 35/2021 — "I’m reading The Book of Trespass by Nick Hayes at the moment. It’s one of those books to treasure, to read slowly, as I don’t want it to end."
  • Weeknote 34/2021 — "I reassessed my life goals this week after someone I was talking to casually mentioned that they own a lighthouse. While these vertical beauties aren’t..."
  • Weeknote 33/2021 — "Quick one because I’m tired. This week I’ve…"
  • Weeknote 32/2021 — "I’m currently in Lincolnshire at a weekend away with my wife’s extended family to celebrate her grandfather’s 90th birthday. I love this area — so flat and..."

🎧 Microcasts

✍️ Writing

My blog posts elsewhere are linked to from the weeknotes listed above, but before diving into microcasts in September, I did also publish a few things on Thought Shrapnel during August:
Oh, and one blog post I published yesterday after my latest weeknote: The September Series: weekend microadventuring

Until next month!

Doug Belshaw
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