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👋🏼 Hello!

So I kind of inadvertently took a month off my side projects, including Thought Shrapnel. This was due to a death in the family, holiday, and generally trying to chill out a bit over the summer.

That means I'm only really getting back into things after that break, so I don't have a massive list of articles to share with you, sorry. Chances are, you're probably trying to have a bit of a break too, though... right?

I updated to a design that uses less than 1KB. For those not aware, that's very small in size. So not only should it instantly load, but it reduces my digital carbon footprint ever so slightly, which is something we all need to be seriously thinking about given the IPCC report.

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📅 Weeknotes

  • Weeknote 31/2021 — "I have enjoyed this week. It’s been a lot more relaxed than usual working weeks — for me, at least, as my wife’s been in back-to-back meetings..."
  • Weeknote 30/2021 — "I’m composing this in the WordPress mobile app as my wife and I share the drive back home. We’re also stopping off overnight and splitting..."
  • Weeknote 29/2021 — "It’s been a busy week. The whole thing was centred around Friday, which was the funeral for my mother-in-law, Lorraine. There were separate..."
  • Weeknote 28/2021 — "I’m not sure whether to start summarising this week by pointing to external things in my environment or gesturing to internal changes that..."

Until next month!

Doug Belshaw
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