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Issue #336


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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

The 'how' of work is just as important as the 'what'.

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to make our lives a whole lot easier and friction-free.

The drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence

Facial recognition isn't the only issue here. But it's a big one.

Opting in and out of algorithms

Regulatory frameworks like GDPR are more effective than industry self-regulation when it comes to algorithms.

Let's not force children to define their future selves through the lens of 'work'

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" is such a rubbish question.

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PS I don't know why Creative Commons cc-openedu list is a closed Google Group, but perhaps it's to stop trolling and spammers. Either way, anyone can join and I've just started posting there in preparation for the Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon next week (which I'll be attending).
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