Issue #370: supporter edition

9th February 2020
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This week I didn't get around to recording a microcast. But! I did write what I consider to be a pretty good article, include some stimulating links (with commentary) in my Friday roundup, and then dived into deeper-than-usual stuff in my weeknote. So I've included the latter as a 'featured item' for your consideration.

    DID YOU KNOW that percentages are reversible? So 20% of 100 is the same as 100% of 20. Same with anything: 5% of 50 is the same as 50% of 5, and so on. Mind blown. I've just told my wife this and she told me that she "knew this years ago" 🙄

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    Weeknote 06/2020

    What I got up to this week.

    Friday flaggings

    Lesser Known Personality Types
    As usual, a mixed bag of goodies, just like you used to get from your favourite sweet shop as a kid. Except I don't hold the bottom of the bag, so you get full value.
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    Software ate the world, so all the world’s problems get expressed in software

    Benedict Evans recently posted his annual 'macro trends' slide deck. It's incredibly insightful, and work of (minimalist) art. This article's title comes from his conclusion, and you can see below which of the 128 slides jumped out at me from deck: For me, what the deck as a whole does is place some of the issues I've been thinking about …
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    Doug Belshaw
    Dr. Doug Belshaw is an Open Educational Thinkerer, currently working with Moodle and We Are Open Co-op to improve our world.

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    Some say he's busier. Others say he's nonlinear. No-one thinks he's getting easier.
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