Issue #387: Supporter Edition

Hi reader!

This week has taken it's toll on me and I have published nothing, zero, nada at

Please accept these humble offerings as the best that I can muster at the moment and check out my weeknote for some context. Thanks, as ever, for your support!
👥 A simple plan for repairing our society: we need new human rights, and this is how we get them (Vinay Gupta)
🐉 'Baby dragons' go on display for the first time in Slovenia (The Guardian)
🎧 Can computers ever replace the classroom? – podcast (The Guardian)
🎓 Do I Need to Go to University? (colah's blog)
enough is enough (Richard Hall's Space)
🕯️ I’ve counseled hundreds of victims of gaslighting. Here’s how to spot if you’re being gaslighted. (Vox)
🤔 Oblivious man walks out of 75-day silent retreat and tweets 'Did I miss anything?' (Boing Boing)
📅 Solving online events (Benedict Evans)
🧰 Tools for better thinking (untools)
🐻 You Could Probably Hibernate (The Atlantic)

Quotation of the week

"My third maxim was to endeavor always to conquer myself rather than fortune, and change my desires rather than the order of the world, and in general, accustom myself to the persuasion that, except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power; so that when we have done our best in things external to us, all wherein we fail of success is to be held, as regards us, absolutely impossible: and this single principle seemed to me sufficient to prevent me from desiring for the future anything which I could not obtain, and thus render me contented"

(René Descartes)
Until next week!

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