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Issue #353: supporter edition

Hi reader,

For your delectation this week please scroll down to find my weekly article ('To refrain from imitation is the best revenge'), microcast ('Podcast recommendations and reading the writing on the wall'), and roundup of interesting links ('Friday feudalism').

As a former History teacher who used to teach the Bayeux Tapestry as part of one of my favourite topics (1066 and the Battle of Hastings) the image I found to accompany this week's article made me laugh out loud. I inserted an asterisk to lessen the offence to the easily-offended eyes, but I think it does a good job of introducing the subject!

Meanwhile, in the microcast, I respond to suggestions from a couple of Patreon supporters about job security and podcast recommendations. I hope it helps people.

The roundup of links this week includes everything from Warren Ellis' book recommendations to parody to blockchain phones (which may be the same thing).

Finally, I also published the very last episode of the TIDE podcast, Episode 120: In memory of Dai Barnes. Thanks again to Eylan for co-hosting, and to everyone who contributed. It felt very final pressing that button to make it go live.

Thanks for being a supporter of Thought Shrapnel!

To refrain from imitation is the best revenge

Bayeux Tapestry parody - field of f*cks
Life lessons from Marcus Aurelius, George Herbert, and Mariah Carey.
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Microcast #072 - Podcast recommendations and reading the writing on the wall

Friday feudalism

All Seeing Eye
Check out these things I discovered this week, and wanted to pass along.
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Until next week,
PS You can read what I've been up to this week in Weeknote 36/2019
Doug Belshaw
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Some say he's unevenly tanned, others say he lives in a hinterland. No-one thinks he prefers 'cash in hand'.
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