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Issue #349


So first of all, let me say that I got the dates wrong and you will be receiving Issue #350 of Thought Shrapnel next week (hurray!) It's the weeks after, the 11th and 18th, that your Sunday inbox will be a little sadder than usual.

I'm expecting to receive eleventy billion out of office messages after sending this week's newsletter. It's peak holiday season in the northern hemisphere, where the overwhelming majority of subscribers live. If you're reading this on your return, then I hope you had a good one. If, like me, you're heading off soon, then have fun!

Why not support this work? Thanks to those who have already sent me questions for next week's microcast! You can just hit reply to this email to do the same 👏👏👏

Friday fidgetings

Keeps you going
These things popped into my consciousness this week.
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Microcast #068 - Book recommendations

Neoliberalism in any guise is not the solution but the problem

Another world is possible
What comes next?
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Until next week!
PS Find out more about what I've been up to this week in Weeknote 30/2019
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Doug Belshaw
Dr. Doug Belshaw is an Open Educational Thinkerer, currently working with Moodle and We Are Open Co-op to improve our world.

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Some say he screams with goats, others like to read his notes. No-one thinks he's good with boats.
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