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Issue #344 & #345


This week I changed direction a bit with Thought Shrapnel and wrote about that here. Basically:
  • Comments are on
  • Three different types of post each week
  • Everyone gets access at the same time
So because I was publishing things for supporters a week ahead of subscribers, I need to catch you up. Here goes...

Friday feeds

Jargon-cancelling headphones
Things that caught my eye this week.
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Microcast #064 - Responding to others' needs
Microcasts are published via Patreon

Our nature is such that the common duties of human relationships occupy a great part of the course of our life

xkcd - Free Speech
Thinking about networks, power, and blocking.
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Friday fancies - artists
These are some things I came across this week that made me smile.
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The world is all variation and dissimilarity

Random letters
Answers to some questions I received from people on Twitter.
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The habit of sardonic contemplation is the hardest habit of all to break

Facebook crypto
Some thoughts on Facebook's new cryptocurrency.
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To be perfectly symmetrical is to be perfectly dead

Some links, just for you.
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Life doesn’t depend on any one opinion, any one custom, or any one century

Some thoughts on 'outgroups' and the crazy times in which we live.
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Until next week,
PS I'm at Scout camp from Friday to Sunday so I'll post a weeknote retrospectively on Monday! The archive is here.
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Doug Belshaw loves camping
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Some say he's at camp, others say he could do with a revamp. No-one says he's a damp young scamp.
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