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This week's newsletter includes article about framework failure and dead metaphors, a microcast about information environments, and a roundup of links on hugelkultur, situated degree pathways, the zeroth world, and more!

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We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take us on or spare us

Someone holding up a sign saying 'innovation' (with diagrams)
Some thoughts on frameworks, innovation, and ambiguity.
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Microcast #079 - information environments

Castle emerging from mobile phone
This week's microcast is about information environments, the difference between technical and 'people' skills, and sharing your experience.
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Friday facilitations

This week, je presente...
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PS You can read what I've been up to this week in Weeknote 43/2019
Doug Belshaw
Dr. Doug Belshaw is an Open Educational Thinkerer, currently working with Moodle and We Are Open Co-op to improve our world.

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Some say he's travelling. Others say he's baffling. No-one thinks he's dazzling.
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