Bad work

    Not just artists - we all go through life’s ups and downs, good periods and bad. Right now is the least tolerant time since I’ve been alive. Everyone’s supposed to be on it 24/7.

    Viewed in the context of the episode, Sylvester is talking, specifically, about the “professionalization” and “commercialization” of art, and basically the hype machine of the art world.
    Source: Artists must be allowed to make bad work | Austin Kleon

    Spreading joy in 2023

    I love the idea behind this list of 52 acts of kindness. Realistically, number 14, 16, and 38 are the ones I’m likely to do (because I already do them!)

    14. Pay a compliment “You’re looking nice,” is good. “You have great skin” or “I love your shoes” is better. Someone once told me I had “cute ears” and I treasured it for years.

    16. Make a mixtape Give someone a curated Spotify or YouTube playlist of stuff you think they would like.

    38. Drive kindly If you’re sure it’s safe, flash your lights or wave your hand at someone waiting to cross the road in front of you.

    Source: 52 acts of kindness: how to spread joy in every week of 2023 | The Guardian

    Paying it forward

    It’s worth clicking through to the Axios summary of some recent research showing that people underestimate the impact of small acts of kindness.

    I notice this in my own life: when I’m driving, if another driver smiles and allows me to merge into the queue, I’m more likely to do it to others; if I check in on people and ask how they’re doing, they more likely to do it to me. And so on.

    Small and simple, kind gestures have immense, underestimated power.
    Source: The outsized power of small acts of kindness