A digitally composed image featuring a woman holding a white owl, dressed in an ancient gold-toned attire, beside a goblet, with mystical forest elements and a lightning strike in the background, evoking a mythical atmosphere. The text 'Dan Carlin's Mania for Subjugation' floats above in distressed red lettering.

I could listen to Dan Carlin read the phone book all day, so to read the announcement that his latest multi-part (and multi-hour!) series for the Hardcore History podcast has started is great news!

So, after almost two decades of teasing it, we finally begin the Alexander the Great saga.

I have no idea how many parts it will turn out to be, but we are calling the series “Mania for Subjugation” and you can get the first installment HERE. (of course you can also auto-download it through your regular podcast app).


And what a story it is! My go-to example in any discussion about how truth is better than fiction. It is such a good tale and so mind blowing that more than 2,300 years after it happened our 21st century people still eagerly consume books, movies, television shows and podcasts about it. Alexander is one of the great apex predators of history, and he has become a metaphor for all sorts of Aesop fables-like morals-to-the-story about how power can corrupt and how too much ambition can be a poison.

Source: Look Behind You!