Overhead view of four professionals collaborating around a wooden table with a laptop, smartphone, and notebook, in an office setting. The image is framed in a hexagon, reminiscent of badges.

I’m reserving judgement on this initiative until I find out more, but it seems to be in the same ball park as work done as part of initiatives in the US and Europe. Hopefully, it’s a UK-focused way of getting badges more mainstream, although I’m always a little wary when I see the word ‘microcredential’ as it’s a very supply-side term.

The RSA and Ufi VocTech Trust are leading work in this area. I’m hopefully talking with Rosie Clayton soon, who’s part of the team.

Building a movement towards greater understanding, development, and adoption of digital badges by accrediting bodies, policymakers, and employers, including other micro-credentialling providers outside of our mutual networks

Exploring the quality and interoperability of digital badges used by key awarding and accrediting organisations Making the case for a lifelong digital record of learning using digital badges and micro-credentials

Examining the feasibility of applying QA frameworks to digital badges so that they could be used to reward flexible learning pathways (e.g. in line with the lifelong learning entitlement)

Source: Digital Badging Commission