A creative workspace with watercolor paintings featuring yellow and green floral motifs, paint cubes, brushes, and earphones on a rustic wooden table. Amongst these items are a potted plant, a bouquet of yellow wildflowers, and a pair of sunglasses, all suggesting an artist's break in progress.

Solid advice here.

You aren’t famous. Anything you do or create will probably receive little to no attention, so stop optimizing for a non-existent audience and instead focus on what makes you enjoy the activity.


The most egregious thing you can do with any activity is daydream about how you can make money off of it. That’s the quickest way to optimize for the wrong things and suck the fun right out of it. Most likely you will stop doing the activity almost immediately, so save the money-making schemes for work.

In the end, find something you enjoy doing and just do it because you enjoy it. If you have to, make some goals for yourself, but never for your “audience”.

Source: Ash Newman

Image: Elena Mozhvilo