A landscape divided into a digital stream and a creative river, with the former depicted in light gray, dark gray, and bright red, symbolizing media consumption, and the latter in yellow and blue, illustrating people engaging in creative pursuits along its banks, highlighting the balance between digital engagement and personal creativity.

Jay Springett shares some media consumption figures. It blows my mind how much time people spend consuming media rather than making stuff.

I was hanging out with a friend the other week and we were talking about our ‘little hobbies’ as we called them. All the things that we’re interested in. Our niches that we nerd out about which aren’t the sort of thing that we can talk to people about at any great length.

We got to wondering about how we spend our time, and what other people spend their time doing. We had big conversation with our other friends at the table with us about what they do with there time. Their answers wen’t all that far away from these stats I’ve just Googled:

Did you know in the UK in January 2024, adults watched an average of 2 hours 31 minutes a day of linear TV?

Meanwhile, a Pinterest user spends about 14 minutes on the platform daily, BUT “83% of weekly Pinterest users report making a purchase based on content they encountered”

The average podcast listener spends an hour a day listening to podcast.

Using a different metric, an average audiobook enjoyer spends an average of 2 hours 19 minutes every day,

In Q3 of 2023 the average amount of time spent on social media a day was 2 hours and 23 minutes? 1 in 3 internet minutes spent online can be attributed to social media platforms.

I like this combined more holistic statistic.

According to a study on media consumption in the United Kingdom, the average time spent consuming traditional media is consistently decreasing while people spend more time using digital media. In 2023, it is estimated that people in the United Kingdom will spend four hours and one minute using traditional media, while the average daily time spent with digital media is predicted to reach six hours and nine minutes.

Source: thejaymo

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