I’m reading Roots at the moment, the novel by Alex Haley about an African man captured and sold into slavery. I’m at the point of the story where his daughter’s ‘massa’ gets spooked about a slave uprising.

It’s difficult not to draw parallels when reading about an apparent trend towards billionaires building luxury ‘bunkers’ with supplies and blast-proof doors. They would do well to worry, given the amount of inequality in the world.

A multi-level, circular billionaire's retreat that resembles a stage set, with a central living space featuring a couch with yellow and blue pillows. Surrounding the living area are various high-tech stations and secure vaults, along with a self-contained ecosystem on the upper level. The space is adorned in light and dark grays, with red and blue accents, suggesting a luxurious yet fortified sanctuary.
One prevalent speculation that has circulated suggests that these billionaires might possess knowledge beyond the scope of the average person. The idea is that their vast resources are being channeled into constructing secure retreats as a form of preparation for potential global upheavals or crises. This speculation plays into the notion that these elite individuals may be privy to information that the general public is not, prompting them to take unprecedented measures to safeguard their well-being. Moreover, some fear that the escalating global tensions and geopolitical uncertainties may be driving these billionaires to prepare for worst-case scenarios, including the prospect of war.
Source: Zuckerberg's Bunker Plans Fuel Speculation on Billionaires Building Bunkers | Decode Today

Image: DALL-E 3