Wise words from Seth Godin. It’s a twist on the advice to stop doing things that maybe used to work but don’t any more. The ‘glitch’ he’s talking about here isn’t just in terms of what might not be working for you or your organisation, but for society and humanity as a whole.

An image showing moths being irresistibly attracted to a bright light in a dark environment. Some moths are joyfully flying towards the light, while others are caught in a bug trap near the light source. This represents the idea of being drawn to something that seems beneficial but is actually harmful, a metaphor for systemic glitches or cultural traps.

Many moths are attracted to light. That works fine when it’s a bright moon and an open field, but not so well for the moths if the light was set up as a bug trap.

Processionary caterpillars follow the one in front until their destination, even if they’re arranged in a circle, leading them to march until exhaustion.

It might be that you have built a system for your success that works much of the time, but there’s a glitch in it that lets you down. Or it might be that we live in a culture that creates wealth and possibility, but glitches when it fails to provide opportunity to others or leaves a mess in our front yards.

Source: Finding the glitch | Seth’s Blog

Image: DALL-E 3