This came across my timeline earlier this week and it’s a pretty stark reminder / wake-up call. For ‘Mastodon’, of course, read ‘The Fediverse’.

You could add LinkedIn to this list, but then that’s owned by Microsoft, a company who I have detested for fully 25 years.

To recap your options in this crowded social media landscape:
  • Twitter: owned by Musk, a fascist
  • Blue Sky: funded by Dorsey, a fascist
  • Facebook: owned by Zuckerberg, a fascist
  • Instagram: owned by Zuckerberg, a fascist
  • Threads: owned by Zuckerberg, a fascist
  • Post News: funded by Andreessen, a fascist
  • TikTok: owned by the Chinese Government I guess?
  • Mastodon: owned by nobody and/or everybody! Seize the memes of production!
If you are worried about picking the "right" Mastodon instance, don't. Just spin the wheel. How about or, those are both fine choices.
Source: 10-Oct-2023 (Tue): Wherein Twitter delenda est | DNA Lounge