I attended a Navigatr webinar at lunchtime today where they shared this graphic which underscores the importance of encouraging badge earners to share their achievements on social networks.

What I appreciated about the webinar was the way in which the team explained the importance of preparing for and then following up the issue of the badge to ensure that it’s claimed.

Our study of several recently shared digital badges on social media as shown below showed that on average, a posted badge received 500-1k impressions and 25 interactions, of which, 4-5 were actual comments.  We found that the number of connections and days since posted lead to increases in the number of interactions.  Engagement seemed to plateau around 4-5 days and those with several hundred to 500+ connections were most likely to receive numerous interactions.  Location – whether the US or abroad did not seem to matter, suggesting the power of social media is universal when it comes to engagement.
Source: Improve Brand Engagement with Digital Badges | BadgeCert