The website of the guy behind this post is a bit too heavy on the self-marketing for my liking, but I did like the diagram in this post about developing rather than ‘finding’ your niche.

The diagram is contrasted with the kind of Ikigai approach you usually see which, he points out, doesn’t tell you where to actually start.

First, you need to take a courageous leap.

You need to ignore the negative voices of self-doubt, and you need to ignore feelings of “imposter syndrome.”

Next, you need to begin exploring the odd thing(s) you find fascinating. I call this phase, the “Zone of Fascination.”

Next, you must find a congregation of people who share your irrational fascination. For myself, I found this in r/Zettelkasten.

After this, you need to exit the congregation and go deeper than anyone else in a specific area. You must undergo three challenges. Think of these as “quests” in a hero’s journey.

Source: It’s Not about Finding Your Niche, It’s about Developing Your Niche | Scott P. Scheper