I can’t wait to play this. While I enjoy playing Doom Eternal by myself occasionally, LAN gaming the Quake II takes me back to being a teenager!


In a surprise announcement at QuakeCon, publisher Bethesda Softworks  announced the immediate availability of a light remaster of the classic first-person shooter Quake II, similar to the one for the first Quake that was released not that long ago.


You get a lot of content for 10 bucks; the package includes the game’s original campaign, both previously released expansions, Quake II 64, and a new campaign called Call of the Machine with 28 levels developed by Machine Games (the team behind the recent Wolfenstein games).

There’s also split-screen local multiplayer (up to four players), as well as LAN and online multiplayer.

Source: Quake II gets a remaster for PC and consoles—and it’s exactly what it needs to be | Ars Technica