It’s not often I’ll post tools here, but after a few days of using it, I’m sold on the Arc browser.

My web browser history over the last quarter of a century goes something like: Netscape Navigator –> Internet Explorer –> Firefox –> Chrome –> Brave –> Arc.

Perhaps I should record a screencast, but the three things I like most about Arc are:

  • Build in 'Spaces' (for client projects, etc.)
  • Split screen view
  • Easel (clip *live* parts of web pages)
Like Brave, it's based on Chromium, so all of the Chrome web extensions I've been using just work. Awesome. There's lots of reviews on YouTube.

Experience a calmer, more personal internet in this browser designed for you. Let go of the clicks, the clutter, the distractions.
Source: Arc | The Browser Company