There’s a perpetual joke in open source circles that next year will be ‘the year of Linux on the desktop’. GNU/Linux, of course, is an operating system that comes in a range of ‘distributions’ (I use Ubuntu and Elementary OS on a range of devices).

In this article, the author outlines 10 reasons that Linux isn’t used by more people. I think he’s spot-on:

  1. Fragmented market
  2. Lack of special applications
  3. Lack of big name applications
  4. Lack of API and ABI stability
  5. Apple resurgence
  6. Microsoft aggressive response
  7. Piracy
  8. Red Hat mostly stayed away
  9. Canonical business model not working out
  10. Original device manufacturer support
That being said, I'm all-in on Linux now. I can't imagine going back to the vendor lock-in provided by macOS, Windows, or Chrome OS.

Source: Christian F.K. Schaller