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Richard Hammond’s near-death experience

Richard Hammond, co-presenter of the original Top Gear and The Grand Tour reflects on his near-death experience. Worth a watch.

Source: Richard Hammond explains what he experienced during his coma | 310mph Crash | YouTube

Bridging the divide

Sure, it’s an advert for beer, but it’s also a brilliant example of how you can bring people together IRL to get to know one another despite seemingly-intractable differences.

Source: This New Heineken Ad is Briliant #OpenYourWorld | YouTube

NFTs, financialisation, and crypto grifters

At over two hours long, I’m still only half-way through this video but I can already highly recommend it. There’s some technical language, as befits the nature of what’s discussed, but I really appreciate it going right back to the financial crisis to explain what’s going on.

Source: The Problem With NFTs | YouTube