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The mesmerising murmurations of Europe’s starlings

Incredible. I highly recommend clicking through to watch the videos!

A murmuration of starlings

How the birds move together in such close proximity, as though one organism, is another mystery. One study found that each starling was responding instantly to the six or seven birds closest to it to maintain group cohesion.

Source: ‘A fragment of eternity’: the mesmerising murmurations of Europe’s starlings | The Guardian

Moving air through a building more efficiently using a fan

For those of you sweltering away inside a building, it might be better to be blowing air out of the window…

This man reports that the best place to put a fan is about 2 ft from a window, facing the window, and he has numbers on a computer screen to prove it.

Source: The best place to put a fan | Boing Boing

Degrees of Uncertainty

I rarely watch 24-minute online videos all the way through, but this is excellent and well worth everyone’s time. No matter what your preconceptions are about climate change, or your political persuasion.

A data-driven documentary about Neil Halloran.

Source: Degrees of Uncertainty – A documentary about climate change and public trust in science by Neil Halloran