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Moving air through a building more efficiently using a fan

For those of you sweltering away inside a building, it might be better to be blowing air out of the window…

This man reports that the best place to put a fan is about 2 ft from a window, facing the window, and he has numbers on a computer screen to prove it.

Source: The best place to put a fan | Boing Boing

Degrees of Uncertainty

I rarely watch 24-minute online videos all the way through, but this is excellent and well worth everyone’s time. No matter what your preconceptions are about climate change, or your political persuasion.

A data-driven documentary about Neil Halloran.

Source: Degrees of Uncertainty – A documentary about climate change and public trust in science by Neil Halloran

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can be very creative about it

Post-pandemic cities

🌱 From garden streets to bike highways: four ideas for post-Covid cities – visualised

💰 Should Employers Cut Your Salary If You Change Cities?

🏂 Friluftsliv, the Norwegian Concept of Outdoor Living

🐟 A whopping 91% of plastic isn’t recycled

🤯 F1 Pit Stop In 2-Seconds: An In-Depth Analysis

Quotation-as-title by Richard Koch. Image from top-linked post.