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EaaS : Employee as a Service

This is humorous, but also we should remind ourselves that bosses need workers, but workers don’t need bosses 🤘

Interviewee explaining to interviewer that they have a 'variety of plans to meet your needs'. Things like overtime, personal number being available, and working with a smile are listed under 'Premium'.

Source: EaaS : ProgrammerHumor

Privilege and pandemic

To the left, a chessboard strewn with bloodied, dead chesspieces. To the right, a small table is set for dinner with wine: the king and queen pieces of both sides of the chessboard stand at the table together, ready to enjoy a meal. (via Cathal Garvey)

I found this via Mastodon and immediately had to post it here. I’m not sure about the original artist, but it struck me as capturing our current moment rather well.

What man of energy does not find inactivity a punishment?

Base reality as it truly exists vs as presented to mind

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Quotation-as-title from Seneca. Image from top linked post.