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Sharing can be hard (online)

Granular permissions between private and public spaces is a hard problem to solve, as this blog post shows.

A few years ago, Apple acquired Color Labs, who were trying to solve the ‘share with contacts based on an ‘elastic social graph’. These days, I imagine this kind of problem being solved by Bonfire.

I wanted to share the pics and videos with the people I know, so they too can see (if they like) the awesome event that I just went to.

But I had a problem that was recurring for a while, that is how to share different photos with the different connections that I have. There are photos that I can share publicly, and there are photos that I don’t want some people to see, such as my students, acquaintances, and work-related colleagues,

Source: The rings of share – the unsolved problem of sharing | Rukshan’s Blog

Audrey Watters on the technology of wellness and mis/disinformation

Audrey Watters is turning her large brain to the topic of “wellness” and, in this first article, talks about mis/disinformation. This is obviously front of mind for me given my involvement in user research for the Zappa project from Bonfire.

In February 2014, I happened to catch a couple of venture capitalists complaining about journalism on Twitter. (Honestly, you could probably pick any month or year and find the same.) “When you know about a situation, you often realize journalists don’t know that much,” one tweeted. “When you don’t know anything, you assume they’re right.” Another VC responded, “there’s a name for this and I think Murray Gell-Mann came up with it but I’m sick today and too lazy to search for it.” A journalist helpfully weighed in: “Michael Crichton called it the ”Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect,” providing a link to a blog with an excerpt in which Crichton explains the concept.

Source: The Technology of Wellness, Part 1: What I Don’t Know | Hack Education