Support Thought Shrapnel on Patreon

    For almost a year, I’ve been building up supporters for Thought Shrapnel through a semi-automated workflow that involved Gumroad. I still think that’s an excellent platform but, this week, I emailed the ~50 current supporters of Thought Shrapnel to let them know I’ll be transitioning to a Patreon page I’ve set up.

    The most economically powerful thing you can do is to buy something for your own enjoyment that also improves the world. This has always been the value proposition of journalism and art. It’s a nonexclusive good that’s best enjoyed nonexclusively. (
    If you value Thought Shrapnel, then please do consider backing it on Patreon. You can do so from as little as $1 per month. The first goal I've identified is to reach 100 supporters, as it really encourages me to keep on going with this endeavour!

    As part of the transition, I’ll be moving Microcasts over to Patreon too. That’s for three reasons:

    1. They didn't quite fit in with being part of the feed here on the Thought Shrapnel blog.
    2. I find that having them as fully public means I self-censor a bit, something I don't have to do when I know I'm talking to people who better understand my context.
    3. Supporters on Patreon can get access to a private RSS feed they can add to their favourite podcast client.
    The final bonus of the move is that it's more likely to lead to interactions with the community around Thought Shrapnel. I'm already enjoying interacting with those who I support on Patreon, and look forward to doing similarly with you!

    Become a Patron!

    Thanks in advance 👍