Marcus Aurelius on troubles

    I really needed to read the following quotation this morning:

    Everything that happens is as normal and expected as the spring rose or the summer fruit; this is true of sickness, death, slander, intrigue, and all the other things that delight or trouble foolish men.

    Marcus Aurelius

    Thinking about the trials and tribulations a Roman emperor must have gone through puts my tiny problems into a bit of perspective.


    "You can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you have no boots."

    (Joseph Hanlon)

    Albert Camus quotation

    I’ve long admired the “invincible summer” quotation from Camus. The longer version, however is much better.

    After I couldn’t find anywhere to buy a version that met my requirements (simple aesthetic longer quotation) I decided to order a custom wall decal.

    This evening, I put it up on the wall above the monitor on my standing desk. If you’re wondering where the author attribution is, well… I didn’t get that bit quite right, so it’s in the bin!