Hemp captures more carbon than trees

    I don’t think it will be long before we see fields and fields of hemp, just like we see fields of rapeseed at the moment. For example, I often wear hemp t-shirts which need to be washed way less than cotton ones.

    Shah is working with the farm to develop new carbon-negative materials that could be used in manufacturing and construction."

    With Margent Farm’s hemp fibres, and using 100 per cent bio-based resins, we can produce bioplastics that can replace fibreglass composites, aluminium and other materials in a range of applications," he said."

    We can use the wealth of textile science knowledge that humans have gathered over thousands of years to produce a range of textile fibre composites with properties suitable for non-structural products."

    Shah added that the plant has the potential to help solve a wide variety of issues."

    Hemp is a terrific crop that enables us to tackle a multitude of human-generated environmental problems – air, soil and water for example – whilst being productive in offering us food, medicine and materials," he said.

    Source: Hemp “more effective than trees” at carbon storage says researcher | Dezeen