EaaS : Employee as a Service

    This is humorous, but also we should remind ourselves that bosses need workers, but workers don't need bosses 🤘

    Interviewee explaining to interviewer that they have a 'variety of plans to meet your needs'. Things like overtime, personal number being available, and working with a smile are listed under 'Premium'.

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    Monetizing stupidity?

    Nothing surprising about attractive person + financial advice getting people interested, but I thought this was interesting from the ‘monetizing stupid’. Do you interact with the world as it is, or as you want it to be?

    I focus pretty squarely on the latter, but there’s lots of money to be made from the former…

    Everything in me wants to make fun of Altman here (and anyone who reads horoscopes for that matter). I want to say: “Hey, don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous to think that astrology (which is just another name for fake science) has any bearing whatsoever on imaginary digital tokens idolized by virgins!?”

    But I won’t say that, because I think she might actually be some sort of accidental genius. Credit to me for showing self-control.

    She’s taken 2 things that people go absolutely bat-shit crazy over (astrology & crypto) and smashed them together in bite-sized clips made so that even an ADHD-riddled-crypto-obsessed chimpanzee can digest them.

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