Abandoned places

    We didn’t have time to go and see the bay with lots of abandoned hotels near Dubrovnik when we were in Croatia recently. But there’s definitely something fascinating about faded glamour and abandoned places.

    Though apocalyptic, there's something beautiful about abandoned places. The clocks have stopped ticking and there's not a soul in sight, but the shell of what used to be remains. Abandoned places show us what happens without consistent human upkeep—and perhaps what could even happen to the places we love and frequent. These spots are haunting, and there is a mysterious beauty in neglect. The following locations (albeit somewhat weathered over time), are some of the most striking we've ever seen. Read on to see the most beautiful abandoned places in the world—and learn their backstories. You'll almost feel voyeuristic looking at them, like you're witnessing a very intimate piece of someone else's life.
    Source: 54 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places | House Beautiful