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Quick update: Thought Shrapnel will be slightly different from now until the end of the year due to the following:
  1. My team is launching MoodleNet later this month!
  2. At this time of year I usually take a month off from blogging, social networks, etc.
  3. I'm gearing up to get stuck back into my digital literacies work in 2020
This means that each Sunday in November you'll receive a round-up of links I've come across. But then I'm taking December off.

If you, or someone you know, could do with some help on the consultancy front, I'll have a bit more time from January. So why not hit reply to this email, or get in touch with our co-op?

Microcast #080 - Redecentralize and MozFest

Redecentralize conference
A microcast about my experiences at two events last weekend.
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Friday fablings

False Knees cartoon
I couldn't ignore these things this week.
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Until next week!
PS Depending on when you open this newsletter, my weeknote might not yet be published. However, I promise it will be on my blog soon..
Doug Belshaw
Dr. Doug Belshaw is an Open Educational Thinkerer, currently working with Moodle and We Are Open Co-op to improve our world.

You can connect with Doug by replying to this email, or via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Mastodon (here's a guide to getting started with latter!)

Some say he's coping. Others say he's hoping. No-one thinks he's groping.
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