Microcast #083 – Ambiguous in Kuwait City

Some reflections on my digital literacies pre-conference workshop yesterday for AMICAL.

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  1. Thanks for this microcast, Doug.

    You really got me thinking about ambiguity. I am also starting to think more about context. I have an interesting group of learners at my workplace. This group of almost 50 people have many overlapping contexts. 2/3 have a background of being US Navy nuclear power operators, some have been civilian operators, others have no nuclear experience but they have conventional power plant experience, others have no power experience but have extensive backgrounds in MechEng and physics. Many learners are part of two or more of these backgrounds. These background combinations affect their shared contexts.

    After listening to this microcast I will be more conscious of everyone’s backgrounds and how this effects their context and how their individual and shared contexts will affect their learning as I go into the upcoming training sessions.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you fo continuing to share your experiences with us.

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